Smart Communities is connecting people, businesses and communities to create a better future for all.

We co-create smart and thriving communities that are eco-friendly, functional, clean and crime-free where connected residents and businesses can collaborate to create an economically flourishing and safe society for future generations.

Smart Communities believes in creating inclusivity and transparency. Our core projects addresses Waste Management, Crime Prevention and Job Creation within communities.



Smart Communities works together with Community Benefit Organisations and Public Benefit Organisations together with various stakeholders including government, industry, corporates, PBOs and other institutions to create community driven impact that makes public spaces more liveable.

Our vision is to collect and help coordinate the efforts of all partners to maximise the impact that we can have at a community level. We are continually expanding our network to create truly inclusive communities and solutions.


Criminals find opportunities in communities that are fragmented and take advantage of this. By creating a digital network of crime fighters communities can take control of their own safety. Residents can easily work together with the police and security companies by helping them spot crime patterns in real-time and use this vital information to intelligently plan crime prevention strategy in each community.

Communities wanting to secure their communities or public spaces can now get the Government to contribute through our innovative partnership with Fidelity ADT. Click here to learn more.


We believe the solution to South Africa’s problems is creating the dignity of each person to have a job and to create a better future for themselves. Smart Communities actively promote job creation and support local businesses within their communities. By supporting good businesses within your community we can help create sustainable employment. Click here to learn how.