We pledge to work together to co-create a better future for all.

Smart Communities is bringing together various stakeholders including government, industry, corporates, PBOs and other value-adding institutions. Our vision is to collect and help coordinate the efforts of all partners to maximise the impact that we can have at a community level.

We are continually expanding our network to create truly inclusive communities and solutions.



We know it can be lonely out there.. Changing the world is never easy, now you don’t need to do it on your own. Join our family and leverage off our expertise and networks.



Looking for socially inclusive, win-win solutions. Smart Communities is your social innovation partner that helps create creative solutions for your business and community.


Members & Supporters

Big change means big effort. Its not easy changing the world on your own. We have created a network of partners that help us help you make the change yo want to see in the world.

Investing in your Future

Partnering with Smart Communities enables our members and clients to access our national network of partners to deliver on their community based goals with virtually infinite scalability and geographic reach.

Smart Communities will assist clients in managing their funds to create sustainable high impact projects, find reliable PBOs or businesses in the right location and distribute grants whilst managing the delivery of projects, including the auditing and verification of the results aligned to the PROs goals.

We are a registered Section 18(a) PBO with Level One BEE accreditation allowing our clients to partner with us in several ways:

  • help clients deliver on their legal obligations, e.g. EPR, environmental rehabilitation regulations;
  • design CSI, BEE and ESG strategies to create both business growth and social impact;
  • maximise the social impact of Donations and optimise your taxable income with positive business impact;
  • working with clients on a direct project basis to deliver on their strategic objectives.